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Actived: Wednesday Mar 3, 2021


California Code, Business and Professions Code - BPC

However, this subparagraph does not apply to offers where the incentive is a “cents-off” coupon that is usable only for the purchase of the offeror's own brand name product or products, the total value of the “cents-off” coupon offered is clearly and conspicuously disclosed in the offer, the total value of the “cents-off” coupon

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This matter arises from a dispute between plaintiffs-appellees Clare's Food Market, Inc., et. al. (“the ShopRite Retailers”) and defendant-appellant Foothill Capital Corporation (“Foothill”) over the entitlement to the proceeds of cents-off coupons which were redeemed by the Chapter 7 debtor, Coupon Clearing Service, Inc. (“CCS”).

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Best Buy Coupon Fiasco: 3 Legal Lessons - Findlaw

You may have heard about the Best Buy coupon fiasco.And with the company now not honoring the coupons, you may be curious about the legal ramifications. The electronics retailer recently offered an Internet coupon in a promotion: Get $50 off of your purchase of $100 or more if you pay with a Mastercard, reports The Huffington Post.

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U.S. Codes and State Codes - FindLaw

US codes and statutes and State codes and statutes provided by the internet leader in legal - FindLaw.

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Texas Penal Code § 32.42 | FindLaw

(B) that fails to disclose to participants on a conspicuously displayed permanent poster (if the contest is conducted by or through a retail outlet) or on each card game piece, entry blank, or other paraphernalia required for participation in the contest (if the contest is not conducted by or through a retail outlet):

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California Code, Government Code - GOV § 5001 | FindLaw

The treasurer, or officer performing the duties of treasurer, shall cut off and cancel the coupons of a coupon bond so presented, and shall stamp, print, or write upon the back or the face of a coupon or bearer bond so presented a statement to the effect that the bond is registered in the name of the owner, and that thereafter the interest and principal of the bond are payable to the

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Is an Advertisement an Offer? - FindLaw

Advertisements bombard us from all sides: the internet, billboards, print ads, and television. They often claim to sell the best products, provide the best service, and have the lowest prices.

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The third and least expensive tier is for own user coupons, or coupons for the exact item that has been scanned. These coupons require the least amount of research and software development. The Department of Treasury conducted a sales and use tax audit of Catalina for the period from January 1, 1991, through June 30, 1993.

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HP Printer Settlement Voided Because Coupon Settlements

Lawyers shouldn’t get 70 percent of the tab, while consumers all get shiny coupons for a few bucks off of a new cartridge. But Lodestar fees are a little different. These hourly rates, plus costs, are allegedly based on the time attorneys actually spent on the case (and lawyers never inflate bills).

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