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NASFAA provides professional development for financial aid administrators; advocates for public policies that increase student access & success; serves as a forum on student financial aid issues, & is committed to diversity throughout all activities.

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NASFAA | Informing Low-Income Students of Free Tuition

Informing Low-Income Students of Free Tuition Eligibility Can Boost Enrollment at Selective Schools. By Joelle Fredman, NASFAA Staff Reporter. Making high-performing, low-income high school students aware that they are eligible for four years of free tuition at selective universities through targeted mailings can more than double their application and enrollment rates, according to a new

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State & Regional College Tuition Discounts

Many states have programs that allow residents to attend university in another state, without having to pay out-of-state tuition. Check with your state, or with universities that you're interested in, about available tuition exchange or reciprocity programs, and ask about how to sign up.The FAFSA is not required for these programs, generally.

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Part 674: Federal Perkins Loan Program - Home

The content of this document includes the Compiled Title IV Regulations in effect beginning with the 2020-21 award year. Revisions to Subparts A and B become effective on July 1, 2021, but may be implemented at the school's discretion as early as August 14, 2020, are shown in red (added text) or strikeout (like this for deleted text).View the Compiled Title IV Regulations Table of Contents.

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