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Kelly Karloff: Blessed with the genes of perfection

I get a lot of questions about my skin care regimen! some of my favorite products are from Dr. Lara Devgan’s line & I have a coupon code for 10% off all of her products for all of you guys to SHOP!

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Political parties' finances also in an IMF state

An economic crash for party finances too, which attempt to counter the crisis with expense cuts, non-renewals of contracts and smart ideas.

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Tips on how to experience Greece on the cheap

Coupons. Get a Greek friend to help you translate and check out sites that offer cheaper rates on restaurants, theater events and other entertainment, such as Groupon, Deal My Day etc.

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79th TIF: SYRIZA's four-point plan (see photos

* Food coupons for 400,000 families in collaboration with local government, the church and other institutions. An indefinite suspension of property auctions to pay off debts on properties

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Oenorama 2018: Biggest Greek wine exhibition opens on

The world’s leading Greek wine exhibition, Oenorama 2018, is returning for another year in Athens on March 10-12, hosting up to 250 wineries, with more than 1,600 wines to taste.

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Free internet and laptops for 290,000 beneficiaries

Over 290,000 citizens entitled to social benefits will be able to use their “Digital Solidarity” coupons for free internet or laptop-tablets from Wednesday, February 4.

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Τι είναι τα perpetual bonds που προωθεί ο Γ. Βαρουφάκης

Perpetual bond, which is also known as a perpetual or just a perp, is a bond with no maturity date.1 Therefore, it may be treated as equity, not as debt. Issuers pay coupons on perpetual bonds forever, and they do not have to redeem the principal. Perpetual bond cash flows are, therefore, those of a perpetuity.

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Finalists of the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award 2014

The Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award has revealed on Wednesday the 10 finalists in line to receive up to €700,000 in funding for a new business venture, as well as business support services and a

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