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Actived: Saturday Feb 27, 2021


Are Text Coupons in Violation of the Telephone Consumer

What Are Text Coupons? Many companies send coupons via text or advertisements to consumers in order to solicit them into doing business with the retailer. These texts may contain information about upcoming sales, offers for free shipping, or coupon codes for a percentage off a purchase.

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Is It Legal to Send Coupons by Text? | Top Class Actions

Common text coupons include offers for special pricing or free shipping. These coupons may appear to be personalized to offer deals that will appeal to the recipient but are almost always sent by automatic systems that send pre-written messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once.

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Did You Receive a Coupon via Text by Shein Fashion Group

Simmone also claims that Shein sent her coupons via text for 15% off and free shipping on select items. Simmone claims that these intrusive messages wasted her time, took up memory on her phone, and depleted her phone’s battery. According to her lawsuit, she never gave the company consent to send her marketing text messages.

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Is Sales Tax Calculated Before or After Discounts? | Top

Walmart has already agreed to pay a $45 million settlement associated with another class action lawsuit against them because of alleged mischarging of coupons and sales tax.. Sales Tax and Coupon Use. According to these consumers frustrated over coupons and sales tax mismanagement, retailers must calculate sales tax based on the purchase price of the item in question.

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Hobby Lobby Misleading Coupon Class Action Survives

However, Philips alleges that when he attempted to use a 40 percent off coupon, he received “40% off a largely fictional price of $130.00, and paid $78.00.” The Hobby Lobby class action lawsuit asserts that the retailer deceives customers by applying the coupons to a “regular” sale price that is never used at its stores.

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Zappos Data Breach Settlement To Provide 10% Discounts

A recently proposed settlement would provide a 10 percent discount to the 24 million consumers affected by a 2012 Zappos data breach. The settlement would benefit consumers who had a account before hackers accessed the retailer’s system on Jan. 15, 2012 and for whom Zappos had an email address in their records at the time of the data breach.

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Online Retailer Bellaochio Sued over Text Message

According to Nicole, between Feb. 22, 2019 and March 1, 2019, Bellaochio sent several advertising text messages to her cell phone. These automated messages allegedly advertised several sales, as well as including a coupon code for 20 percent off a purchase. However, Nicole claims that she did not give Bellaochio written consent to contact her.

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SquareTrade Protection Plan Class Action Settlement | Top

If you purchased a SquareTrade Protection Plan on Amazon between April 20, 2012 and Oct. 8, 2018, you could get a refund of the purchase price and a $10 off coupon from this class action settlement. Lead plaintiffs accused the makers of SquareTrade Protection Plans of falsely marketing the product.

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Omaha Steaks TCPA Class Action Lawsuit Settlement | Top

The company will suffer an actual loss to profits if people use the discount codes-for example, I used my in conjunction with a sale, a $10 off coupon and a free shipping code, and ended up spending about $10 on products totaling about $150.00 retail from their site.

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Kellogg’s Promotions Expire Before Food Does, Class Action

A new class action lawsuit over Kellogg’s promotions claims the company regularly puts on its packaging offers for discounts and “free” money toward other purchases that expire before the food can even be sold.. Shoppers are misled into thinking the promotional offers on Kellogg’s cereals and other items are valid when they see the items on store shelves, the class action lawsuit claims.

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