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Vancouver Island Hash (AA) | Weed List | Buy Weed Online

Camel Lebanese Hash is made from hung dried cannabis buds which are ground down to a fine powder. This ground up cannabis bud is then aged inside of bags for up to 6 months after which it is hand pressed into the finished slabs that you see in the photographs.

Actived: Sunday Jul 5, 2020

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Cannabis Coupons and other Special Promotions. Use the coupon codes below to save on cannabis products such as edibles, shatter, hash and more! Save on vaporizers and vape pens through our trusted partners. Save big with these Cannabis Dispensary Coupons and Discounts!

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El Chapo OG | Weed List | Buy Weed Online Canada

Coupons × Menu. Cannabis Flower When these thick flowers are ground up or broken open, they give off a tangy odor, reminiscent of mature cheese. When burnt in a pipe or a joint, these strong scents come together in a thick, harsh smoke that’s liable to induce coughing or watery eyes. Buy product.

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Buy Weed Online Canada | Mail Order Marijuana | Weed List

20% off your first purchase (applicable to all regular priced products) WEEDLIST20. VISIT WEBSITE. 10% OFF. 10% OFF. One Time Use. Cannot be used with other coupons but can be applied with points. WEEDLIST10. VISIT WEBSITE. Featured Cannabis Products. Close. Bliss Edibles Tropical Assorted Gummies (200mg THC)

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Order Bulk Cannabis Online Before Canada Post Shuts Down

Coupons; Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. The Citrix high is very social in nature, with clear-headed effects and a tendency to run your mouth off without any filters whatsoever. It starts with an uplifting energetic head rush that inspires a sense of creativity and launches your mind into deep introspective thought. These thoughts will

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How to Set Up a Grow Tent and Lights | Weed List | Buy

Now, we want the lights to turn off at 20:00. Click the program button and wait for the text ‘OFF’ to show up on the screen. Click the hour button and set it to 20:00. Afterward, hold the program button for 3 seconds and click it until you reach ‘16 OFF’. The current time, 19:25, will then show up on the screen.

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Bluefin Tuna | Weed List | Buy Weed Online Canada

PRICE 2.0 Grams for $24 3.5 Grams for $36 7.0 Grams for $72 14 Grams for $144 28 Grams for $280

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Walter White (AAA+) | Weed List | Buy Weed Online Canada

UK-basked Mephisto Genetics set out to build something special off the brilliant trichome production and thus produced the Walter White sativa dominant hybrid. By breeding The White with a mysterious auto-flowering sativa created what we now know as Walter White, one of the most potent strains on their roster with a THC levels measured around 18-21%. The aroma and taste are citrus and creamy

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Best Indica Strains you SHOULD Buy | Weed List | Buy Weed

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain that will help take the edge off and provide a calming and relaxed feeling then you’ll likely want to buy and indica strain.. From a medical perspective, this strain is also popular for those looking for effective pain relief and due its sedative effects, indica strains are ideal for treating sleep disorders or insomnia.

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Shatter | Cannabis Concentrates | Buy Weed Online Canada

Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that got its name due to its texture that is a hard, golden and translucent sap which breaks or shatters like glass.

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Sour Keys 200mg THC (Custom 420) l Buy Weed Online Canada

The Yocan Pandon wax pen is a 2 headed monster, quite literally. It features 2 dual quartz coil atomizers, giving you 4 coils of wax vaping power total! Don't want to use all 4 coils? No problem, leave one set of coils off to use the Yocan Pandon like your conventional wax pen.

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