How To View SD Cards On A Computer | Your Business

How to View SD Cards on a Computer. SD cards most often are used in cameras, and in order to use the pictures or videos in your company presentations or marketing material you have to copy them directly to your computer. Many models of computers come with an SD card reader already installed; if yours is such a

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Discount Promotional Ideas for a Retail Clothing Store

A common discount clothing retailers offer is the percentage discount, where you take a certain amount off the regular sale price. Consider offering a tiered percentage discount on ensemble purchases. For example, 30 percent off jackets, 40 percent off slacks purchased with a jacket, 50 percent off blouses purchased with slacks and a jacket

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Examples of Price Promotion Methods | Your Business

An amount-off or percent-off point-of-sale discount is the simple type of price promotion method. With this approach, once a discount price is determined, employees change the price on the product bar code and on shelf signage. The point is to convey better value because of the lowered price.

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Consumer Sales Promotion Methods | Your Business

Price-Off. One of the simplest sales promotions is the straightforward percentage or price-off deal. This is where you mark down all products, specific types of products, or a single product by a set dollar amount or a percentage. Products regularly priced at $20 on sale for 25 percent off would have a sale price of $15, for instance.

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What Are the Benefits of a Sales Promotion? | Your Business

What Are the Benefits of a Sales Promotion?. Sales promotions are a form of marketing used to induce business immediately. Coupons, percentage-off deals, rebates, premiums, free trials and samples, contests and sweepstakes are common examples of promotional tools. In contrast to long-term brand building, which

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Accounting Procedures for Product Rebates | Your Business

The coupons immediately reduce the purchase price to the customer. Retailers submit the used coupons to Company X for reimbursement. When Company X sells a computer to Retailer A during the rebate period, it books a debit to the accounts receivable account for $1,400, a debit to the cost of goods sold account for $1,000, a credit to the sales

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Sales Promotion Programs | Your Business

Sales Promotion Programs. Sales promotion programs are used by product resellers to attract business from price-conscious customers. The idea is that when a company offers a reduced price, the customer will perceive a greater value proposition from a purchase. Companies use a wide array of promotion methods to

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GAAP Accounting Rules for Sales Tax on Discounts | Your

GAAP Accounting Rules for Sales Tax on Discounts. Generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP, set standards for consistency in recording and reporting financial information. Because external audit and tax reports follow GAAP standards, your business most likely already complies with GAAP accounting rules for

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Ways to Motivate Your Call Center Associates to Work

Paid Time Off If you need agents to work overtime in a given month, reward those agents with paid-time-off coupons to be used in a month where no overtime is required or anticipated. You could structure this incentive by offering one hour of paid time off for every four hours of overtime the agent works, or whatever arrangement you think would

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The Objectives of Marketing Promotions | Your Business

The Objectives of Marketing Promotions. The objectives of any marketing promotion are based on the goals and strategies of the company launching the project. In general, the marketing objectives of promotional efforts are aimed at attracting new customers, increasing sales, raising awareness, or expanding market

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